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VDM Cleaning Trolley MX303, CM 110x56x105 H

DMX 303.3

Multifunctional cart with cover in copolymer polypropylene, designed for cleaning offices / institutions / communities, complete with: 3 drawers with a capacity of 20 liters each, with a single locking lock, pair of polycarbonate doors, press holder, 2 buckets of 15 liters, wringer for mop, lid with lectern, 7 integrated handle holders, sliding cursor for double bag holder, 2 buckets of 6 lt, 5 wheels Ø 125 mm.

VDM DMX 304.2

DMX 304.2

Polypropylene copolymer enclosed multifunctional trolley, with: 2 drawers (30 lt each), central lock, polycarbonate side doors, lid with document holder, 7 handle holders, sliding mechanism for duo bag-holder, 1x6 lt bucket, 2x4 lt buckets, 22 lt bucket with lid, 5 castors Ø 125 mm.

Dimensions: 110x56x105h cm
No. pcs/carton: 1 in 2 carton Volume/Weight carton: 0,520 m3 / 29 kg